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Desktop Support Freeport, NY

Have you been searching ‘software installation near me’ online? Our software installers at Computer Mechanics On Call are standing by to provide computer operating system installation or any other software installation you may need in Manhattan, NY.

Perhaps you want to get the latest software or your operating system replaced. If you just searched ‘software installation near me’, you can count on CMOC. We are a certified, insured, and licensed software installation company serving residents and businesses in Manhattan, NY. Over the years, we have extended our service areas to include Oceanside, Long Beach, Freeport, Mineola, Westbury, Hicksville, Garden City, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and Bronx, NY. Choosing the right software for your needs can be a daunting task. Allow our expert software installers in Manhattan, NY help to take the guesswork out of the process. They will also ensure that the software is running smoothly with no errors.

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Desktop Support Technician

A desktop support technician’s role is to diagnose computer issues and assist with setup, installations and use of new software and hardware. So, when choosing a desktop support company, ensure that it has certified technicians who are knowledgeable about the products your company uses.

Our certified technicians in Freeport, NY receive ongoing training to help familiarize them with the different products in the market. We understand that a timely response is critical when offering desktop support services. Because of this, the technicians we send will already have a thorough knowledge of the network systems you use, as well as the hardware and software your employees use.

In addition to technical skills, a desktop support technician should have good communication and problem-solving skills. Most times, the technician will have to talk to computer users to diagnose the problem or to help them use a new product. Each of our desktop support team members has excellent communication skills. They give clear step by step guidance, allowing clients to follow their instructions easily, whether the technicians are on location or providing remote assistance in Freeport, NY.


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Desktop Support Services

We provide desktop support services in two ways. You can choose to have a designated CMOC employee on-site to cater to all your business needs. Or, you can have our services accessible to your employees through a specific account line set up solely for their use.

When you choose an onsite desktop support technician, he or she will report to work like any of your employees. This technician will act as a point of contact between your employees and our company. While on-site, they will respond to every technical issue that needs attention. If any case needs further attention, the technician will report it to our offices.

We also offer remote technical assistance in Freeport, NY. For companies that do not need an on-site technician, an account is set up to allow their staff to access technical assistance. If you choose remote assistance, there will always be a technician on call. The technician we assign to your company will have a thorough knowledge of your software and systems. He or she will give clear, easy-to-follow instructions to help your staff find a solution to your technical problems.


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Desktop Support Company

We pride ourselves on the quality of our service. We have even been certified by major brands like Apple, Lenovo, and HP. As a result, we are confident that we can handle your issues, regardless of the brand your business uses. In addition, we offer a warranty period for all our services. As such, if any feature fails or develops problems within the warranty period, this will be fixed at no extra cost.

If you are looking for desktop support services in Freeport, NY, look no further. We guarantee you quality services at an affordable price. Our services are also available to businesses in Oceanside, Long Beach, Mineola, Westbury, Hicksville, Garden City, Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and the Bronx, NY. You can also get in touch with us at any time of the day or night for emergency services.

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Our Customers' TEstimonials

John Woodward Avatar
John Woodward
8/01/2018 - Google

I have called on CMOC many times to repair various computers in our chain of 33 stores. I have found... read more

Erik Zucker Avatar
Erik Zucker
8/01/2018 - Google

Very honest and professional. I will be using their services for all my IT needs.

Jack Hartog Avatar
Jack Hartog
8/01/2018 - Google

very responsive, very pleasant. Happy to be a customer of CMOC for 5 years and counting.

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